About This Podcast

Okay, so what’s with the name?

Before We Were White is about debunking the myths which pervade American history and identity.

And no myth has been as damaging to the development of a healthy nation than the myth of “race identity”.

Americans are a mixed people – by culture, and by DNA.

Yet many in America have spent the better part of 400 years trying to draw clear lines between “black”, “white”, “red”, and “yellow” peoples.

This is like your grandma putting out ten scoops of ice cream in a big tub on a picnic table in the summer sun.  All different flavors.  Strawberry.  Chocolate.  Vanilla.  Orange Sherbet.  Rocky Road.  Pistachio.

You come back a bit later, and try to spoon out just your one favorite flavor into a bowl.

But between the warm sun and all the kids sticking their own spoons into it, try as you might, your spoonfuls of vanilla are going to include some other flavors.

Any American with deep roots in colonial and frontier times almost certainly has ancestors from 3 or 4 continents.

There is no way to get a bowl of “pure vanilla” ice cream at the American picnic.


Understanding the contemporary nature and character of a nation’s people is impossible without an truthful picture of the past…

Before We Were White is a blog and podcast exploring American history and American cultural identity through stories, folklore, historical documentation, and other fact-based evidence.

Before We Were White blogs, articles, essays, and podcast episodes are researched, written and produced by Brian Halpin.

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