Young Girl Meets Transgenerational Dysfunction

Charles Manson and first wife Rosalie Jean Willis

Charles Manson and first wife Rosalie Jean Willis


Rosalie Jean Willis.

Wedding day. January 1955.

Just a young sixteen-year-old girl from West Virginia, charmed by a charismatic young man first christened “Charles Milles Maddox” – Charles taking his mother’s surname rather than that of his biological father Walker Henderson Scott.

Charles would go on to become a “religious leader”, better-known by the name he took from a later stepfather – Manson.

Rosalie would leave Charles after a couple of years (having had only one child together), but her new life choices brought no joy – it almost seems as if a curse had been laid upon her.

One son by her second marriage to Jack Bandy White – a boy named Jed White – would die of an accidental gunshot wound at the age of 11 in 1971.

Jed White’s older brother Jesse James White would die of a drug overdose in his 20s in 1986.

But this would not be the end.  Rosalie’s oldest son by her teen marriage to Charles Manson – Charles Manson, Jr., aka “Jay White” – would die of a gunshot wound in an apparent suicide in 1993.

Charles Manson of the Tate-LaBianca murders of 1969 was descended from Appalachian “Black Dutch” Clines and the mixed-ethnic McCoys of Hatfield/McCoy feud fame.  His ancestral lines also included Scotts and Ingrams, many of whom were likely to have been descended from British Romani transported to America during colonial times.

Transgenerational poverty, trauma and dysfunction is real among all American underclasses of all colors, and the alleviation of it should be part of any enlightened program for government.

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