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Technicolor genealogy

Technicolor genealogy


Years ago, my amateur interest in genealogy began to morph into “Big Data Genealogy” as a way to investigate American history and ethnicity beyond my own immediate family.

Part of this project then became about attaching notes and mini-biographies to the people being investigated.

Were they on the wrong side of the law?

Did they experience high child mortality?

Did they live to a venerable age?

Occupation?  Ethnicity?  Victims of violence?  Perpetrators of violence?  Members of unusual religious sects?  Illnesses?  Migration paths? Disabilities?

This means that when I add a new person to my “Big Data Tree”, and run a quick check to see the various ways I am connected to them, I am often presented with an entire list of short biographical notes on a single screen – notes which bring the rich and often dark pageant of American history to life in vivid Technicolor.


#beforewewerewhite #commonpeople

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